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The Edinburgh Centre For Functional Medicine Practitoner Team

The Edinburgh Centre for Functional Medicine is a cutting-edge clinic that takes a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. It brings together a team of highly qualified practitioners who follow a scientific and evidence-based approach to treating chronic diseases and conditions. With a holistic perspective, the clinic is driven by a commitment to providing the highest level of patient care, focusing on addressing the root causes of health challenges for each individual.

Practitioner Team


Functional MEdicine Nutritionist

As the Founder and lead clinician at the Edinburgh Centre for Functional Medicine, I believe in the evidence based medicine approach that not only looks at symptoms but looks at what has contributed to the current imbalance in health.

My approach to working with my patients is using the Functional Medicine model with nutrition at its core with any protocol. I really believe in nutritional medicine and have seen it transforms lives many times over..


I have been working in this field for 25 years as a patient and practitioner and believe that the Functional medicine model is the future of healthcare for lifestyle disease its associated conditions. 

Like many practitioners, I got into the profession through my own plight overcoming chronic Candida, Parasitic and SIBO infections (at different times). I have walked the walk so to speak and know exactly what it’s like to be extremely sick and only trying to get healthier, as quickly as possible, and I can empathise with patients who come into the clinic having tried multiple other routes and conventional doctors but with little success.

I am passionate about helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness by personalising every single patient’s approach. This could involve looking into genetics, lifestyle, toxins, infections and stress. By examining these areas, you are able to uncover where the imbalance is and use the correct modality to bring the body back into balance. This is the opposite way of the conventional approach which merely looks to treat the symptom. The problem with the conventional route is that symptoms will reappear somewhere else in the body and cause further issues.  

I have treated conditions related to all different body systems with a focus igestive conditions (SIBO, IBD, H-Pylori, IBS and Candida.. I believe that a lot of roads lead back to the microbiome and having good terrain is essential for optimal health. Liver and gallbladder health is a specific area of interest as it’s the gateway to the rest of the body and an area that doesn’t get the focus it requires.

I believe that a well-balanced life is essential, and am passionate about activities such as squash, cooking and football. I have won Irish and British National Squash Titles, competed in the European and World Squash championships and still play at a reasonable standard.


Functioanl Medicine Practitoner

I have degrees in Dietetics (USA – hons.) and Nutritional Medicine (UK), qualifying as a nutritional therapist in 2010.  Additionally, I am one of a small number of nutritional therapists in the UK who have completed the Institute for Functional Medicine exams to become a Certified Practitioner in Functional Medicine (IFMCP).


I specialise in health for mid-lifers who are finding that their physical health isn’t quite what it was once and I have special interests in using Functional and Nutrigenomic Testing in order to determine the best nutrition for you.  Test don’t guess!

When I’m not helping my clients, I also mentor other nutritional therapists with their more complex cases and in unpicking test results.

My family background is one of high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, stroke and mental illness.  Knowing this motivates me to work on my own health as well.  So I understand what it takes.

I know that what you eat or don’t eat affects every aspect of how your body works –hormones, joints, digestion, skin, mood… the list is endless! And I passionately believe that you can have more control of this instead of just giving up and giving in.


Let me help you take back control of your health again and stop the downhill slide. Getting older is inevitable but getting sicker, heavier, and less energetic isn’t.


Functional MEdicine nUTRITIONIST

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath specializing in Women& Health and
Hormonal Balance
I am dedicated to
empowering women throughout their various life stages to achieve optimal health and
hormonal balance. Drawing from my personal journey of overcoming hormonal imbalances,
including heavy periods, PMS, mood swings, anxiety, low mood, insomnia, digestive issues,
weight gain, and acne, I possess a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities that
women face when it comes to hormonal health.
Believing in the profound impact of nutrition on overall well-being, I base my practice on
scientifically-backed nutritional advice. Unlike quick-fix solutions and passing diet trends,
my approach is personalized and focuses on addressing the root causes of health issues, rather
than merely alleviating symptoms.
To comprehensively assess hormone imbalances at every stage of reproduction, from pre-
menopause to post-menopause, I employ advanced tools such as the DUTCH Complete and
DUTCH Cycle mapping. Additionally, for those seeking a deeper understanding and a truly
personalized approach, I offer an in-depth exploration of your hormonal health using the
powerful combination of the DUTCH test, the analysis of the gut microbiome and
Nutrigenomics that targets the underlying causes of hormonal imbalances at the root.
My extensive studies in the field of female hormones based on Functional Medicine , coupled
with my personal experience, have equipped me with in-depth knowledge and expertise to
guide women on their transformative journey towards optimal hormonal health.
If you are currently struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalance, such as acne, weight
gain, bloating, gut issues, painful periods, PMS, cramping, headaches, mood swings, irregular
cycles, fertility challenges, or conditions like PCOS, or you are navigating the journey from
peri to menopause, I am here to provide you with effective solutions and guide you towards
regaining your overall well-being.

To further enhance my qualifications, I have completed intensive Dutch hormone training, including
training with esteemed expert Dr. Carrie Jones and worked in the facilities where the DUTCH test is processed,