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In functional medicine we look at the “why” behind your symptoms and the largest organ in the body is no different. Skin conditions can be more than just a surface-level issue and require a different approach than just treating them topically. These conditions can have a negative impact on both physical health and emotional well-being. While topical treatments and anti-inflammatory medications may not always be effective, treating the underlying causes can lead to significant improvement.

Many skin conditions can be effectively treated by addressing the root cause of the issue. This may involve removing potential dietary triggers, regulating hormone metabolism, and making other improvements to different body systems to restore balance. By taking a holistic approach to treatment, we can achieve long-lasting improvements in both the appearance and health of the skin.



By taking a functional medicine approach, we can effectively address the root cause of your skin problems and provide a long-lasting solution instead of using quick fixes. Rather than simply treating the symptoms, we delve deeper and investigate what is happening in your body that is manifesting itself in your skin. Our goal is to help you feel confident in your own skin and eliminate the need for harmful drugs, chemical creams, and lotions. Our functional medicine practitioner will conduct a comprehensive investigation to identify the underlying cause of your skin condition and assess your overall health from a holistic perspective. This includes analyzing various factors such as your nutritional status, stress levels, hormonal health, gut health, liver health, food sensitivities, toxin exposure, and genetics that may be contributing to your skin concerns.

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Our objective is to aid you in achieving optimal health and wellbeing.


The Edinburgh Centre for Functional Medicine looks at what is happening inside the body and then reduce and reverse symptoms, heal scars, and correct underlying imbalances or dysfunction that may be contributing to your condition.

Conventional treatment for skin conditions may involve medications that treat the symptoms. However, these treatments may have short- or long-term side effects. Antiobiotics may make the original issue worse and will have a disruptive effect on the microbiome.

Our approach involves 

  •  Identifying and addressing underlying lifestyle factors as well as general health factors like PCOS that may contribute to acne symptoms.
  • Optimise gut and liver health.
  • Identify and remove food intolerances or allergies.
  • Optimise diet through introducing the right nutrients to support skin health.
  • Look at balancing hormones through detoxifcation.
  • Balance essential fatty acids.

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Why Choose the Edinburgh Centre for Functional Medicine?


Each individual is distinct and has a unique set of circumstances. Your symptoms, lifestyle, diet, genetics, and ability to heal are all different and therefore require a personalized approach that is tailored specifically to you


Once you begin the process with us, our collaborative approach with a practitioner will guide you through every step. We will collect the necessary information through detailed intake forms tailor our support to motivate and assist you throughout the process.


Our functional medicine practitioners have years of experience focusing on the route cause of disease that address any imbalances rather than just treating symptonms.