Digestive Health

Irritable bowel syndrome is one of the most common gut dysfunctions that can greatly impact one’s quality of life. To effectively manage IBS, it’s important to take a holistic approach and consider the various underlying factors that may contribute to gut dysfunction. Although there are multiple treatment options available, modifying your diet is a great start to see initial benefits that can dampen symptoms which more investigative works takes place.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine often takes a narrow view of digestive issues and tends to focus solely on symptom management by prescribing medication as a temporary solution and prescribes too many antibiotics that are simply not needed. It’s crucial to recognize the extensive influence that the gut can have on overall health, as gut issues can manifest as joint pain, skin issues and mental health disorders. Therefore, a more comprehensive approach to gut health is necessary for optimal well-being.



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Common Symptoms.

Our objective is to aid you in achieving optimal health and wellbeing.


Functional medicine operates on the principle of providing a personalized approach to each patient’s health concerns. This means that the causes and symptoms of each patient’s condition will be unique and require tailored treatment protocols based on factors such as their nutritional status, genetics, detoxification status and lifestyle habits. By scrutinizing every aspect of a patient’s health, we can identify the underlying causes of gut dysfunction and any core imbalances that may interfere with their body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients. 

Our team of experienced Functional Medicine practitioners is dedicated to helping patients overcome their digestive health issues. Our approach goes beyond providing symptomatic relief and focuses on addressing the root causes of these issues. At the Edinburgh Centre for Functional Medicine, we offer solutions that will help you correct any dysfunction within your digestive system and bring back balance


Nutritient Absorption

An imbalance in our digestive system can result in a range of symptoms and conditions. Our health is influenced by what we eat and absorb, and any dysfunction can impact the body's optimal functioning and weaken the immune system.


Based on the specific condition, your practitioner may suggest targeted supplements to aid the body in optimizing specific nutrients, minerals, or enzymes to give as much support as needed.

Treatment Support

Our approach is centered around testing rather than guessing, which can ultimately be more efficient and cost-effective. Our team of functional medicine doctors and practitioners can suggest specific gut health, such as the SIBO breath test, candida test, and microbiome testing to identify the root cause of your digestive issuesg


Our practitioners are able to suggest additional treatments or lifestyle interventions that have been proven effective in helping you overcome a specific digestive condition

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Why Choose the Edinburgh Centre for Functional Medicine?


Each individual is distinct and has a unique set of circumstances. Your symptoms, lifestyle, diet, genetics, and ability to heal are all different and therefore require a personalized approach that is tailored specifically to you


Our functional medicine practitioners have years of experience focusing on the route cause of disease that address any imbalances rather than just treating symptonms.


Once you begin the process with us, our collaborative approach with a practitioner will guide you through every step. We will collect the necessary information through detailed intake forms tailor our support to motivate and assist you throughout the process.