A Functional Medicine Approach
to Leaky Gut​

Intestinal permeability, commonly known as “leaky gut,” occurs when the tight junctions that bind the enterocytes in the small intestine become compromised. These junctions control what passes through the lining of the intestine, but when compromised, food particles, toxins, viruses, bacteria, and other substances may pass into the bloodstream.

As foreign substances enter the bloodstream, the immune system triggers inflammation, which can cause various symptoms in different body systems that may not initially appear related to the digestive tract. In other words, digestive symptoms may or may not accompany leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky gut Syndrome concept. Comparison of healthy organ and inflamed tissue cells. Diseases of gastrointestinal tract. Toxins and viruses. Cartoon flat vector illustration isolated on white background


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At the Edinburgh Centre for Functional Medicine we take a comprehensive approach to managing intestinal permeability by assessing the patient’s symptoms and investigating the underlying pathogenesis. Laboratory testing, such as the SIBO breath test and Comprehensive Stool Analysis can identify bacterial imbalances and intestinal malabsorption, while IgG Food Sensitivity Testing can pinpoint which foods are inflammatory and the severity of the permeability.

Therapies aim to remove what is causng the issue by addresing its root cause while supporting tight junction formation and intestinal regeneration. Treatment involves dietary changes, lifestyule changes and targeted supplements.

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Each individual is distinct and has a unique set of circumstances. Your symptoms, lifestyle, diet, genetics, and ability to heal are all different and therefore require a personalized approach that is tailored specifically to you


Once you begin the process with us, our collaborative approach with a practitioner will guide you through every step. We will collect the necessary information through detailed intake forms tailor our support to motivate and assist you throughout the process.


Our functional medicine practitioners have years of experience focusing on the route cause of disease that address any imbalances rather than just treating symptonms.